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(:nl:)!! Hearts of San Francisco

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'''Requirements and Features List'''

This feature and requirements list is a sample. Please use this list as a starting foundation for your project work, but you may extend the content, features, and functionality as desired for your personal projects.

* '''WHERE''' (are the hearts) ** Map ** Walking Tour ** Indicate hearts already visited ** Indicate other, nearby places of interest (e.g., attractions, landmarks, dining, etc.) ** Directions and transportation (walking, driving, public transit, bicycling) ** Indicate neighborhoods

* '''WHAT''' (learn about the hearts) ** Artist ("Heartist") biographies ** Information about the charities supported by each heart ** History of each heart ** Sponsor / owner information for each heart ** official / professional photos of each heart ** 360 degree views of each heart

* '''SHARE''' (social) ** Check-in ** Ratings and reviews ** user submitted photos and videos ** share background information about each heart ** user submitted messages and/or stories about each heart

* '''PLAY''' (games) ** Scavenger hunt ** Clues ** Badges / Passport ** "Pay it Forward" ** Easter Egg(s) ** Prize is a video of Tony Bennett singing

* '''SHOP''' (or donate) ** Merchandise (hearts (jewelry, souvenirs), t-shirts, mugs, etc.) ** Local coupons (for shops and cafes near the hearts) ** Ability to choose a "Heart Charity" and make a donation (:nl:)

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