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These Are "Credit" or "No Credit" Courses

You will receive credit for a course if you: * Attend regularly. * Participate in discussions. * Participate in design reviews. * Contribute to in-class exercises. * Complete weekly assignments. Post all assignments on the class wiki page. ** You must complete most of the homework assignments: *** For 8 week classes, this means satisfactory completion of at least 5 of the 7 assignments *** For 6 week classes, this means satisfactory completion of least 4 of the 5 assignments ** Homework is graded on a simple scale: *** 3 stars = Excellent work that goes beyond the requirements and reflects strong design, problem-solving, and UX ability *** 2 stars = Good work that meets the requirements and reflects average design, problem-solving, and UX ability *** 1 star = Acceptable work that meets a sufficient number of the requirements but exhibits some deficits in design, problem-solving, and UX ability *** 0 stars = Unsatisfactory or non submitted ** You should miss no more than two (2) classes to earn credit for the class. * Complete the course-long project.

Attendance is critical to success in these courses. These are very interactive courses based on examples, discussion, and sharing ideas. Students who miss more than two (2) class sessions without making prior arrangements with me will not receive credit, because you will have missed 25% or more of the course material. If you know you will be absent, please make arrangements with me in advance. If you are absent for unexpected and unforeseen reasons, please contact me as soon as possible to accommodate any class work you missed.

Please be courteous to your classmates and arrive on time. I realize that many of us are coming from work and that there will be occasional unforeseeable delays, so if you are late, please join us in the classroom quietly and politely. Please do not skip class, even if you are extremely late. We would rather see you briefly than not at all. I also realize that this class meets late and many of us may need to eat dinner and we may be hungry at times. If you need to eat something during class, please be polite. Bringing a slice of pizza and a drink is fine, but carving a turkey or enjoying Limburger cheese is best done at home.

We will have at least one ten (10) minute break during every class. This is a great time to stretch, grab a snack, or ask me questions.

I am punctual, so class begins at 6.30p, will end by 9.30p, and breaks will last the specified time. Students are welcomed to meet with me before or after class or during breaks if they have any questions or concerns.

We will have a running project through the courses to illustrate the different concepts, methods, and deliverables we discuss each week. Part of each class will be dedicated to discussing the topic, illustrating the methods, and in-class brainstorming and demonstrations. Each week we will opportunities to present and discuss your project-in-progress assignments, and students are encouraged to provide constructive criticism, ideas, and alternatives for consideration. Additionally, there will be topically relevant exercises and demonstrations in class based on Web sites that are discovered, submitted, referred, or otherwise uncovered during the course.


Incomplete Grades:

At the initiation of the student or the instructor, an incomplete grade (I) may be assigned by the instructor when the student is unable to complete the course requirements within the official period of the course. An incomplete must be made up within one calendar year from the end of the course or the grade of "I" will be automatically changed to a failing grade for academic unit courses. For CEU courses, if an incomplete is not made up within one year, the course is deleted from the student's record. (:nl:)

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