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(:nl:)'''Principles of Visual Interface Design'''

* Avoid visual noise and clutter

* Use contrast, similarity, proximity, and layering to organize and distinguish elements

->Create contrast with dimension (depth), tone (color, saturation, brightness), and/or space (position)
Create layering with color (warm colors advance, cool colors recede), size (larger is closer), and overlap
Establish figure (foreground and focus of attention) and ground (background upon which the figure appears) relationships

* Provide visual structure and flow at each level of organization

->Use alignment and a grid layout to create structure and guide flow along a logical path
Align labels (left or right justified?)
Align within a set of controls (radio buttons, check boxes, and text fields)
Align across controls and groups of controls

->Organize with symmetry and balance

->Utilize spatial harmony (the Golden section) and white space

* Use cohesive, consistent, and contextually appropriate imagery

->Icons should be function oriented

->Judiciously associate visual symbols to real world objects

->Visualize behaviors - show what will happen and what the results will be, do not tell

* Integrate style and function comprehensively and purposefully

->Consider form, function, and emotional reaction

->Define and establish brand and brand experience


'''Principles of Visual Information Design'''

* Enforce visual comparisons

* Show causality

* Show multiple variables

* Integrate text, graphics, and data in one display

* Ensure the quality, relevance, and integrity of the content

* Show things adjacently in space, not stacked in time

* Do not de-quantify quantifiable data (:nl:)

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