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Common Usability Issues and Problems

* Technical problems - broken links, missing pages, malfunctioning interactions

* Tactical problems - tasks are too simple or too complex, script problems

* Strategic problems - wrong goals, wrong audience, wrong content, wrong features and/or interactivity

* Organizational problems - confusing page layouts, ambiguous or incomplete navigation structure, unexpected page sequences

* Simplicity problems - not easy to use, not self-evident, requires explanation or explicit instructions

* Functionality problems - inefficient processes or interactions, incorrect sequence of steps, incorrect actions

* Feedback problems - poor sense of place, inadequate status messages or indicators

* Error handling problems - poor tolerance for variable user input, poor error handling, poor error messages

* Content problems - vague or ambiguous nomenclature, labels do not set expectations, representative content does not set appropriate context

* Design problems - readability or legibility problems, distracting design elements, incorrect scale or proportion


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