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(:nl:)!!!Gestalt Principles of Perception

It all started with the Phi Effect - the observation that blinking lights can create the illusion of motion.

"Why do we see motion in lights?" became "Why do we perceive the world the way we do?" ad the Gestalt Principles of Perception were discovered and defined.

:'''Figure Ground Relationship''':Elements are perceived as either figures (distinct elements of focus) or ground (the background or landscape on which the figures rest).

:'''Law of Prägnanz''':Humans tend to interpret ambiguous or complex images as simple and complete.

:'''Proximity''':Things that are near one another are perceived to be related or part of a group than are things that are spaced farther apart.

:'''Similarity''':Things that are similar in appearance are perceived to be related or part of a group than are things that are dissimilar in appearance.

:'''Closure''':When looking at a complex arrangement of individual elements, we tend to first look for a single, recognizable pattern, and we perceive incomplete objects as complete or whole.

:'''Good Continuation (or Continuity)''':Elements arranged on a line or curve are perceived to be more related than elements not on that line or curve, and lines and edges are perceived as smooth and continuous rather than broken, jagged, or discontinuous.

:'''Common Fate''':We tend to perceive elements moving in the same direction as more related than elements that are stationary or that are moving in different directions.

:'''Uniform Connectedness''':Elements that share uniform visual characteristics (e.g., proportion, color, form, angle, texture, pattern, style) are perceived as being more related than elements with disparate visual characteristics. (:nl:)

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