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(:nl:)Here are copies of handouts and other documents for the class project and other exercises:


Content and Feature Inventory

->Mountain Meadow RV Park Content and Functionality List (PDF)



->Sample Persona 1 (PDF)

->Sample Persona 2 (PDF)

->Sample Persona 3 (PDF)

->Sample Persona 4 (PDF)


Site Maps

->The Structure and Hierarchy of a Site Map (PNG)

->Art and Orchids B&B Current Site Map (PNG)

->Art and Orchids B&B Proposed Site Map (PNG)

->Mountain Meadow RV Park Current Site Architecture (PDF)

->Sample Sitemap 1 (PDF)

->Sample Sitemap 2 (PDF)



->Sample Workflow: Edit Wiki Page (PDF)

->Sample Workflow - eStore Returns (PDF)

->Sample Workflow 1 (PDF)

->Sample Workflow 2 (PDF)

->Sample Workflow - Many Choices (PDF)



->Sample Wireframe 1 (PDF)

->Sample Wireframe 2 (PDF)

->Sample Wireframe 3 (PDF)


Usability Script

->Usability Script with Problems - What is wrong? (PDF)


Usability Prototype

->Sample Click-through Prototype (HTML)


UEX Flows

->Sample UEX Flows: Ecommerce (PDF)

->Sample UEX Flow with Persona (PDF)

->Interactive UEX Flow (HTML) (:nl:)

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