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(:nl:)---- '''Description of Vacation Maker web site features for class project:'''


* Buy or modify prepackaged vacation

* Assemble your own vacation ** Flight ** Lodging ** Transportation ** Activities

* vacation wizard ** Prepackaged ** Recommend options then assemble custom vacation

* read about: ** Locales (weather, geography, culture, economy, currency, activities) ** Hotels/Lodging ** Tours + Guides

* Ratings + Reviews ** Read & Submit

* Buy/Checkout

* Search

* Account System ** Create New Login ** Login ** Save/Modify Vacation Package / Itinerary ** Retrieve Vacation Package / Itinerary ** My Itinerary (You can print this one out, has dates, locations, confirmation codes, etc.)) ** Modify Account Info

* For future reference + recommendations

* Future Features: ** Travel Journal/Scrapbook Concept


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