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(:nl:)!!Personas, Scenarios, Flow Diagrams, and Site Maps

'''Notes and Ideas'''

Location of OOFM (open Fridays from 8.00a to 2.00p year-round):

* downtown Oakland (9th and Broadway) * across the street from Chinatown * in a historic neighborhood * near BART and public transportation * near the expressway

Target Audience Segments:

* office workers / downtown workers * local residents * nearby / traveling residents * fans of farmers' markets * vendor fans * visitors to Oakland (tourists, convention attendees, sports event attendees) * gift shoppers * art fans

Persona Structure:

* photograph of the person, couple, or family * brief biography * demographic characteristics * establish context: ** what are their TASKS? ** what are their MOTIVATIONS? ** what are their BEHAVIORS (with the site AND at the market)? ** how important are their needs / tasks? (non-essential or essential?) ** how urgent are their needs / tasks? (time-constrained or open-ended?)

Scenarios (focus on INFORMATION and ACTIONS):

* leisurely lunch (what is there to eat? where can I sit?) * take food home (what fresh and prepared food products are available?) * find gifts to give * find vendors who can deliver their products * shop from a shopping list * need fresh ingredients for homemade food products that they want to sell at the market sometime in the future * who are the multi-lingual vendors? * how can I sell at the market / become a vendor? * find vendors who can sell in large quantities to restaurants / food service

Key Tasks:

* eat at the market * buy food and other products to take home * vendor / artist / entertainer list * food and products that are in-season / fresh this week

Key Information and Functionality: * vendor list * products list (by type and by vendor) * event calendar / schedule * interactive market map ** vendor locations ** public transportation stops and schedule ** city map with directions ** parking locations * recipes * social media ** sharing links ** sharing photos ** comments and reviews


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