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(:nl:)!!Wireframes, Wireflows, Tasks & Scripts, and Prototypes

'''Notes and Ideas'''


'''Five IXD Principles''' * Perceivability * Predictability * Feedback * Learnability * Consistency

'''Context''' * People * Need * Situation * Importance * Urgency

'''Psychology''' * Motivation * Emotion * Cognition * Behavior * Creativity + Play

'''Factors / Criteria / Concepts that have been most important in design decisions and choices so far:''' * Mental models * Simplification (consolidation) * Gestalt Principles ** Similarity can apply to both appearance and meaning * Cognitive load and friction ** People vs. Machines * The UX Ladder diagram

'''Interactive Content Design Patterns:''' * First, understand how AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript And XML) works * inline expansion * overlay (on-click or on-hover?) * carousels * collapsible modules vs. accordion panes * tooltips (regular or sticky) * drawers * and many more!

'''"The best error handling is error prevention."'''
Error Messages: * display near where the error occurred in a visually prominent way that attracts attention * never blame the user * explain what went wrong * explain why it went wrong * explain how to correct it (:nl:)

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