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(:nl:)!! Link Exchange

Here's a link to the audio recording of Interaction Design class. It will be updated on weekly basis. If you miss one those Thursday night classes, you can get a recap here.


This is an open page for all students to share links to web sites that they find and think are interesting and relevant to the information and interaction design classes.

Shoot. Grooveshark is about to be annihilated. I wonder if there's anyway you can save the whole site locally as a web app design reference.(shared by Shaun)


Here's a page for all the audio recording for the Info Design 1 and 2. So if you missed one class, you can hear it here(shared by Shaun).



Interesting and Relevant Links for Information and Interaction Design

Interactions Magazine - a monthly publication for interaction designers published by ACM; the full articles require ACM membership (shared by Dave)

Add your link here!

15 Quality Web-Based Applications to Create Mock-Ups and Wireframes http://spyrestudios.com/15-quality-web-based-applications-to-create-mock-ups-and-wireframes/

Instructions for creating simple jQuery tooltip - might be helpful based on last week's discussion!

UX Booth - Personas: Putting the Focus Back on the User

- Prototyping -

The Power of Prototyping - johnnyholland.org A huge fan of Todd Zaki Warfel's book "Prototyping". Build a prototype using paper, index cards, even dental floss... (shared by Dante, 1/11/13)

Keynotopia - I stumbled on this from Theresa Neil's blog post Mobile Prototyping Stencils. Keynotopia has pre-fab UI templates/elements to build a prototype in either Apple Keynote, Powerpoint, or OpenOffice for a modest cost ($49 - $97). There are bundles/pkgs for iPad, iPhone, Android, etc... I haven't bought it, yet, but I most likely will. (shared by Dante, 1/11/13)(:nl:)

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